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>Zombie Excape

Zombie Excape

From: $39.00 pp
Recommended 14+
Difficulty Level: Escape Rooms Melbourne - Frankston, Mornington Peninsula.
Recommended Group:

You and your team are a handful of the lucky people who have managed to survive a recent Zombie virus plaguing Australia. You and your team are tasked with entering the house to search for any clues that will assist in curing the Zombie virus.

Can you find the cure and Escape with your lives?

>Frankston Crime Investigation

Frankston Crime Investigation

From: $39.00 pp
Restricted 16+
Difficulty Level: Escape Rooms, Corporate
Recommended Group:

Australia’s brightest minds are being brought together to identify a kidnapper and save the latest victim. The girl needs your assistance, become the savior in this Crime Investigators inspired Excape room.

Can you save a life?

>Project 11 Excape</b>

Project 11 Excape

From: $39.00 pp
Recommended 14+
Difficulty Level:
Recommended Group: Escape Rooms, team building

Professor Frank achieved many things in his life, his most ambitious project has been left unfinished! Can you do what no one else has been able to do or even thought possible, bring a localised thunder storm and rain to save the world from drought?

Do you have what it takes?! Things are about to get stormy!




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