Mobile Escape Room

Unlock the thrill of adventure right at your doorstep with mobile escape rooms in Melbourne, brought to you by Excape – escape rooms.

Dive into the world of mobile escape rooms, where entertainment and intrigue meet at your chosen location. With our stimulating scenarios and professional setup, we bring the magic of escape rooms directly to you where solving interactive puzzles and unlocking mysteries becomes the focus of your team building exercise.

Mobile Escape Room
Mobile Escape Room | Mobile Escape Room

Why mobile escape room:

Portable Entertainment

We offer the convenience of having a thrilling escape room experience come to you. Whether it’s a corporate event or team-building activity, our mobile escape rooms ensure that the fun is just a call away. Unveil the secrets, crack the codes, and enjoy a unique and memorable team building event.


Experience the ultimate flexibility with our mobile escape rooms. Choose the time and location that suits your group, and we’ll bring the adventure to you. Plus, we offer extra team building programs to accommodate various event types and group sizes. Tailor your escape room experience to your exact needs with us.

Team work centric design

Every element of our escape room is intricately designed to be conquered through team work. From decoding cryptic messages to navigating through challenging scenarios, teams must collaborate to succeed. It is a perfect choice for team creating immersive and exciting environment while cultivating communication and strategic thinking.

Stress-Free Planning

We take care of all the logistics, from setup to takedown, so you can focus on having fun. Let us handle the details while you enjoy a stress-free escape room experience.

Please contact us regarding your team building or corporate entertainment needs. Send us an enquiry on our contact us page or you may call us.

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