FCI Excape Room

Recommended Age: 16+
Previous experience recommended

Difficulty Level: Hard
Recommended Team Size: 4 people (Minimum 2, Maximum 6)

Can you and Your Team identify the killer and save the victim?

There have been a string of murders happening in the past few months. Young girls are being kidnapped and brutally murdered. Tragically so far no victims have been found alive. The serial killer has been ruthless in taunting the public at the inability to catch them thus far.

The murderer has now setup a live feed of their new victim indicating that if they are not caught another person will die and you will be forced to watch.

Many suspects houses have been raided, the team needs to identify who the killer is and where they are keeping their victim. By the time the team gets together, they have less than 60 minutes to save a life.

The FCI (Frankston Crime Investigation) Unit is bringing the top minds into one room in the hopes of saving the latest victim.

Can you help save an innocent life?

Please arrive at least 10 minutes before your booking to ensure everyone on the day starts on time.

To make a booking less than 24 hours in advance: Call 0490 523 558 as there may be availability. 

FCI Excape Room

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