• tripadvisor stars 5 - Reviews  The room was challenging and fun. The staff were extremely friendly and helpful. Team work is key. Would highly recommend for family fun and for team building.

    tania a - Reviews Tania A

    tripadvisor stars 5 - Reviews  Never heard of escape rooms in frankston so wasn't sure what to expect but it was so much fun!! Will definitely be back to do the other rooms!

    avatar046 - Reviews 489jadei

    tripadvisor stars 5 - Reviews  I tried to talk a friend into going with me but she thought she wouldn't be able to understand the clues and wouldn't be any help so I asked my... read more

  • tripadvisor stars 5 - Reviews  Had a very fun night, wasn’t sure what to expect but enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. Staff were very friendly & helpful. Would definitely recommend... read more

    facebook avatar - Reviews Nicole M

    tripadvisor stars 3 - Reviews  Lovely host. Room was very plain and not what we expected. Clues were difficult and the initial video told us to do one thing when we should have... read more

    sharon f - Reviews Sharon F

    tripadvisor stars 5 - Reviews  Escape was a fantastic experience and the host, Lily, was perfect in the role. She is clearly enthusiastic, fun and loves escape rooms. The attention to detail and... read more

  • tripadvisor stars 5 - Reviews  My wife and I did the FCI Investigation room tonight and it was AWESOME!!! the host was terrific and we will defiantly be back soon!!! Great idea for a different... read more

    avatar - Reviews Benvolios

    tripadvisor stars 5 - Reviews  We completed the Zombie room during the school holidays with our teenage son and niece. It was a great experience from start to finish. The lady that greeted us was... read more

    niki014 - Reviews Niki014

    tripadvisor stars 5 - Reviews  We have done both the project 11 and FCI. We enjoyed both. The FCI was different to most ones I have done but had some unique puzzles. Project 11 however... read more

    flicks m

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